Camaro Fog Light Package (Add Fog Lights to your LS)

Camaro Fog Light Package (Add Fog Lights to your LS)
  • $279.00

Part# 4829-001

We decided to put together a simplified package to add fog lights to your LS Camaro. You not only get Fog Lights but our awesome Plasma LED Bulbs and to make installation easier there is no need to run wires through your firewall to connect a switch because we are including a wiring adapter.

Here is what you get:

1) (PAIR) Camaro Fog Light Housings capa-certified OEM style replacements.

2) (PAIR) Camaro Fog Light Bezels capa-certified OEM style replacements.

3) (PAIR) ORACLE 5202 Plasma LED Bulbs.

Q: Why do I need the "Plasma LED Bulbs"?

A: The Plasmas only consume 4.4W of power and will not overload the parking light circuit which keeps you from having to install a switch. Besides that they look AMAZING when compared to the factory halogen bulb.


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