ORACLE 24X-9 Xenon Flashlight- BLACK

  • $279.00


ORACLE Part # 8004-001 

Introducing a compact, 9 inch, 24 Watt Xenon Flashlight from ORACLE Lighting Technologies! The same HID lighting that ORACLE is famous for is now available in a compact, hand held flashlight. The ORACLE 24X-9 compact design incorporates all the necessary components of the High Intensity Discharge system such as the Xenon Bulb, Digital Ballast, Lithium Power Pack, and HID Igniter into a 9 inch all aluminum body. This rugged flashlight carries an IPX3 Waterproof Rating and an Unconditional 1 Year Warranty.

Product Specifications:
• Kelvin Color: 4300K
• Ballast Current: Ac
• Brightness: 2200Lm
• Output: 24W Hid Xenon
• Working Environment: 0 To 140 F
• Operating Time: 60 Min Continuous
• Bulb Lifetime: 5000 Hours Of Use
• Battery Lifetime: 500+ Duty Cycles
• Warranty: 1 Year Unconditional
• Waterproof Degree: 1Px3

• Rechargeable Lithium Battery
• DC Charger (Car Charger)
• AC Charger (Home Charger)
• Built in LED Micro Flashlight
• Professional Locking Case
• Green Halo Locator Ring



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