ORACLE 9W Forklift Zone Lamp- Pedestrian Warning Light

  • $79.95

ORACLE Part # 2911-003 

Forklift Pedestrian Safety Warning Line promotes worker and workplace safety.

The LED Safety Warning light is mounted to a forklift or other moving vehicle and projects a bright line on the floor surface. Since multiple lights can be mounted onto a single fork lift truck, the warning lights can be seen behind, in front, or on the side of the forklift.

The bright line on the floor is clearly visible to pedestrians, machines and vehicles in the area, regardless of the ambient noise, alerting them to the nearby presence of the forklift.

Traditional audio back up alarms can blend into ambient noise in the building and pedestrians can become immune to the audio warning.

Product Specs:
• Source: 3x 3W LEDs
• Voltage:10-80VDC
• Waterproof Rate:IP67
• Material: Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
• Mounting Bracket: Stainless Steel
• Brightness: 900 Lumens
• Projection Color: RED

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