ORACLE Dimable 2W Side Pin G4 LED Replacement Bulb

  • $6.95

These dim-able Side-Pin G4 LED replacement bulbs are designed for use with shallow, recessed, down spots and overhead fixtures outfitted with side-mounted G4 sockets. They work well in dome light fixtures from many manufacturers as replacements for traditional halogen G4 bulbs which produce high levels of heat. The dim-able constant-current chipset results in high performance regardless of changes in voltage.

4910-000 Warm White
4910-001 Cool White
4910-002 Blue

G4 Bulbs can be found in:
- Vehicle Interiors, such as RV's and Trailers
- Marine Craft such as boats, yachts, and ships
- Under cabinet lighting found in homes and kitchens

Product Specs:
- USA Made Bridgelux 5630 LED Emitters
- Thermally efficient design - no radiated heat
- 10V -30V  AC/DC; over-voltage protection
- LEDs: (15) Surface Mounted SMD Chips
- Beam angle: 120°
- Light output: 480-525 Lumens
- Power Draw: 2 Watts
- Input Voltage: 12V or 24V
- Dimensions: 30mm (1-1/4”) Diameter
- Lifetime: Over 50,000 Hours of Use
- 2 Year Warranty


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