ORACLE T10 9 SMD Board (Single)

  • $8.95

These new 9 SMD boards feature High-Powered SMD that put out a bright white light. 5050 LEDs emit extremely bright light, only use in applications that require a large amount of light.

This T10 LED board fits a standard T10 Connector Found in 10mm Wedge-Base Bulbs Such as 194, 168, 158, etc.

Easy to install, just remove the standard glass bulb and plug in this new board. Adhesive backing holds it in place.

Size: 1.5" x 1"

*Please check for adequate space before ordering*

5220-002 Blue
5220-003 Red

As with all of our LEDs this is a cool-running and high-efficiency type of light. It consumes LESS power and puts off LESS heat than the factory bulbs.

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