RS Camaro P13W DRL 24W Xenon Conversion Kit

RS Camaro P13W DRL 24W Xenon Conversion Kit
  • $279.00

ORACLE Part# 6109

Designed Specifically with the 5th Generation RS Camaro in mind this kit allows you to easily convert your factory halogen DRL lights to Xenon just like your headlights!

No harnesses or complicated relays required, this kit is 100% plug and play and includes connectors that plug directly into your existing DRL harness for quick and easy installation.


If you wish to match your factory HIDs select the 4300K color option. Please note that the RS headlights are projectors and have prismatic qualities that cause the light spectrum to be more visible when on side of the vehicle and the colors may not match when viewed from the side of the vehicle.

This specially designed 24W system puts off much less heat than traditional 35W HIDs, making it safe to use in your DRL without causing the lenses to melt. While the 24W kit does put off less heat it is still hot and should never be used in situations where the vehicle's wiring has been modified to keep the DRL powered on when not in DRL mode.

These bulbs are specific for your RS Camaro and are assembled by hand by our technicians. Please note that the bulbs are sealed to the base with a special black potting resin which bonds the bulb and protects the electrodes from moisture. This resin may not always appear even but all bulbs are tested before shipping and QC checked.

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