Custom Headlight Painting

Advanced Automotive Concepts offers custom painting services for the inner headlight housings.


What is the process for painting headlights?

- Headlights are carefully disassembled and housings are separated from assembly.

- Housings are primed and painted the desire color in our paintbooth.

- Assemblies are then reassembled in a dust-free environment.

- The headlights are then professionally resealed and pressure tested.

- Overall result equals a custom and original set of lights that sustain their OEM look.

To get more information on having AAC Professionally Paint your Headlights please call our Customer Support Line 1(800)407-5776 or Email:

Custom Painting Gallery:

2006 Dodge Charger: Top Banana Yellow-

SuperbeeYellowDaytonaChargerDodgeHe.jpg picture by aacebaystore

2007 Dodge Charger: Sublime Green-

SublimeGreenDaytonaCustomHeadlightP.jpg picture by aacebaystore

2008 Dodge Charger: SuperBee Blue-

BlueSuperbeeCustomHeadlightPaint.jpg picture by aacebaystore


We can also Custom Design Effects inside of the Headlight to Match the Theme of your Vehicle!

2006 Dodge Magnum: Inferno Red w/ Palm Tree Ghosting-

InfernoRedGhostedPaintWeb.jpg picture by aacebaystore


2007 Dodge RAM 2500: Sable Black-

DodgeRamBlackHeadlight.jpg picture by aacebaystore


2009 Ford F150: Custom Paint for Skyjacker SEMA Truck 2009-

FordF150SemaSkyjackerAACAACstyle.jpg picture by aacebaystore