1999-2014 Ford Excursion ORACLE Off-Road LED Light Bar Roof Brackets

  • $83.95

ORACLE Part # 2159-504

Mount the ORACLE 288W 50” Double Row LED Light Bar across the front windshield of a 1999-2014 Ford Excursion easily with this new roof mount bracket from ORACLE Lighting. These brackets are made specifically for the 1999-2014 Ford Excursion model and will attach directly to your vehicle. (Minimal drilling is required)

Product Features:
- Weight: 15.2 oz
- Width: 9.1"
- Height: 7"
- Length: 4"
- Mounts to inside door jam 
- Weather Resistant Coating
- Welded Steel Construction
- Will Fit all 1999-2014 Ford Excursion Models

Package Includes:
- 2x 1999-2014 Ford Excursion ORACLE Off-Road LED Light Bar Roof Brackets
- Assorted Mounting Hardware

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