D3S Xenon Replacement Bulb (Single)

  • $149.00

Whether you are replacing a bulb that is no longer working or just want to change the look of your factory HID lights, these bulbs are the answer. Dealerships may charge a high price for a single replacement HID bulb. ORACLE Factory HID bulb replacements are accurately manufactured to match OEM fitment. When changing your factory HID bulbs with ORACLE OE replacements, it is advisable to change both bulbs at the same time. Years of use of a factory HID bulb can cause the bulb to change color and not match the new ORACLE replacement bulb.

- Easy Installation, Installs in Under 30 Min!

- 35W Xenon Gas Filled HID bulb, No Filament.

- More impressive light output than OEM bulbs.

- Longer Lifespan than equivalent counterparts.

- Greater night-time visibility.

- 1 Year manufacturer warranty.

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