Dodge Challenger 2008-2014 ORACLE LED Waterproof Afterburner Kit Center Section

  • $230.95

ORACLE PART # 1337-003  

The new ORACLE Lighting Surface-Mount LEDs are a revolution in LED Technology! These LEDs are encased in a special polymer resin, making them completely waterproof (can be submerged underwater) and easily install by attaching around the Tail Light lens using a patent-pending system. This makes installation simple for anyone and cuts down installation time from hours to just minutes!

No Baking or Cutting Tail Lights Required! 

The new ORACLE Lighting Surface Mount Afterburner LED Tail Light Halo Kits are designed to give an aesthetic "pop" to the back of your vehicle with an easy installation. These new SMD Halos are installed directly to the outside of the vehicle’s tail light lens making installation easy even for a novice! Wiring is simple, you connect the cables to the factory running lights. No special wiring required. 

Product Specs: 
• Now includes FREE Adhesion Promoter Part #2082-504 
• Direct-to-Lens Surface Mounting  
• Quick Connect Wiring Adapters 
• Wide Voltage External LED Drivers 
• IP67 Waterproof Rating 
• Genuine 3M VHB Adhesive Backing 
• Easy Install- No Cutting /No Baking!
• 1 Year Warranty*Warranty period covers the LED and driver components. Hard part decay due to UV damage, oxidation, or environmental conditions are not covered under this stated period.

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Kit includes the following: 
- (4) ORACLE Surface Mount Waterproof Afterburners Center Section 
- (4) Quick Connect Wiring Adapters
- (4) Wide Voltage External LED Drivers

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