ORACLE Lighting 6 LED Slim Strobe Light- Flush Lighthead

  • $34.95

Product Description:
We are proud to serve First Responders and Law Enforcement Officers and these strobe lights will not disappoint! Using the latest in solid-state LED technology these Super-Bright LED strobe lights blow away the competition. The built in controller module allows you to select 19 different patterns without the need of an external LED controller.

Internal electronics are fully encapsulated for extended product life.

3511-001 White
3511-005 Amber

Product Features:
- Input: 12V-24V
- Wattage: 3W
- LED: 6x 0.5W
- Width: 1"
- Length: 4.36"
- Height: .12"
- Lifetime: 100,000 hours
- Flush Mount Design
- ECE R10 Class 1 Certification

Flash Patterns:
- Random(default)
- Steady
- Single
- Mega
- Double
- Triple
- Quad
- Quint
- 8 Flash
- Single-Quad
- Single H/L
- Single-Triple-Quint

To select Flash Pattern, just apply +12V to Yellow Wire:
- for less than 1 second for next pattern
- for more than 1 second for previous pattern
- for more than 5 seconds to reset to default

Package Includes:
1 x ORACLE 6 LED Slim Strobe

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