ORACLE 60mm Low Beam LED Emitter Module

  • $59.95

ORACLE Part# 5821-001

These high powered LED modules are small but make a big impact with over 2000Lm of LED illumination. The Low Beam irradiation angle is perfect for applications where functional on-road illumination is needed in a small package. The housing is just 34mm deep, making it one of the most versatile FMVSS compliant LED modules on the market. Anti-fog breather valve provides trouble free use even in extreme weather situations. Wiring connector is a fully insulated 9005/9006 standard socket, you can link multiple modules with ORACLE Part# 5831-504 wiring adapter.

Product Specifications:
• 2,200 Lumen Light Output 
• 6x Phillips ZES™ 5W LEDs
• Advanced Optics Design for Optimal Visibility
• Precision Beam "no glare” output design
• Aluminum anti-fog Breather Valve
• 9005 / 9006 Wiring Connector
• Easy “Plug and Play” DIY Installation
• DOT, SAE, and E9 Marked
• 2 Year Warranty

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