ORACLE 95mm 20W High Beam LED Emitter

  • $59.95


ORACLE Lighting introduces complete High-Powered LED Spot Light/ High-Beam module for retrofit and custom vehicle applications. Utilizes a standard 9006 connector for easy wiring installation. These very bright LED units push out approximately 2,000 raw lumens which is guaranteed to light up the night on road or off road! These lamps feature a rugged Polycarbonate lamp housing to withstand impact and a Solid-State luminaire design for vibration resistance. The epoxy-sealed electronics avoid moisture and corrosion. 

ORACLE Part# 5822-001

Product Specs:
• 1,600 Lumens Light Output
• 4 Phillips ZES™ 5W LEDs
• Draw @12VDC: 1A
• Advanced Optics Design for Optimal Visibility
• Full Beam high output design
• 2 Year Warranty

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