ORACLE "Concept" LED Strips- 4" Pair

  • $47.00

This pair of stylish concept strips from ORACLE Lighting offer a high-intensity output and a sleek look that can provide additional custom lighting to your original light housings. Designed for a 12V universal application, the premium LEDs are attached to a semi-rigid PCB board in a continuous pattern with no gaps. This gives the appearance of uniform intensity and even illumination.

Cut the LED concept strip length to the desired size for any project. These concept strips can be used to replace amber marker lights and can also work as turn signals in conjunction with the running light. This accessory lighting can be an attractive and eye-catching alternative to your parking lights in any custom lighting application. (Adding a Dual Intensity Circuit allows the strip to be used with two functions. It will operate as a running light at full power, and then the strip will blink when the turn signal is activated. The dual intensity circuit may require soldering but can be installed by any person with basic electrical knowledge.)

Get a custom, luxury look with this concept strip kit as an accessory to your vehicle’s lighting, and choose from a variety of colors to meet your project’s needs.

• "No Gap" LEDs, produce Laser-Like Appearance
• 12V universal application
• Bright output with less power consumption
• Pre-installed 3M tape and vehicle-specific wiring for easier installation
1 year warranty

• Headlight disassembly required. Professional installation recommended with our premium silicone sealant.
• White and amber are street-legal colors. Other colors not intended for on-road use; please verify your state and local driving laws.

Package includes: 
- One PAIR of ORACLE Lighting Concept LED Strips of your choice

4508-001 White
4508-002 Blue
4508-003 Red
4508-005 Amber

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