ORACLE In-Line LED Amplifier

  • $15.95


ORACLE Part # 1615-504

In-line three channel RGB amplifier is used to increase the load capability and extend the signal of any universal RGB controller. This in line amplifier is required if you are exceeding the maximum load capability of any universal RGB controller. 

2 x 4-pin RGB pigtail connectors included.

With supplied RGB pigtail connectors, bridge 2 segments of LED RGB Strip with the LED amplifier in between.

Connect RED and BLACK wires to 12 Volt power source.

Product Specifications:
- Voltage: 8~16V
- Length: 1.6 in
- Width: 0.4 in
- Height: 0.1 in
- Max load current: 12 Amps
- Output: 3 channels
- Working temperature: -4~140F
- Static power consumption: < 1 Watt
- Output Power: 144 Watts
- RoHS compliant, FCC, CE Certified, cULus Classified
- 2 Year Warranty

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