ORACLE Lighting LED Illuminated Wheel Rings - Single / Double Row LED

  • $249.00

ORACLE Lighting illuminated LED wheel rings are an easy and effective way to light up the wheels on your car or truck! This head-turning lighting product consists of a set of (4) LED illuminated aluminum rings which install around the brake rotor and attaches to the brake dust shield. These can also be mounted to older vehicles with drum brakes. The effect is a large ring of light which accents custom wheels and stands out at events. Oversized 16.5” diameter is the largest on the market and fits oversized brakes. 

If your vehicle is equipped with drum brakes or does not have a brake dust shield you will need to perform additional fabrication of brackets to fit properly. For vehicles without dust shields please watch this video HERE for more information. 

Installation tip: For extra security of the screws holding in the brackets on wheel rings, first confirm that the wheel rings’ brackets are in the correct mounting location. Then, apply an appropriate amount of Loctite to these screws to ensure a firm hold.

Please note, these rings are not intended for on-road use. 

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Our ColorSHIFT option requires the use of a ColorSHIFT controller to properly operate. Check out our ColorSHIFT Controller Options: 

ORACLE ColorSHIFT Wireless Controller
ORACLE ColorSHIFT 2.0 Wireless Controller
ORACLE BC1 Bluetooth ColorSHIFT Controller

Single Row LED Wheel Rings:

4215-001 White
4215-010 Aqua
4215-334 ColorSHIFT - No Controller

Double Row LED Wheel Rings:
Our Double LED Wheel Rings are equipped with 162 super-bright 2835 LEDs (648 LEDs total). Twice the brightness of our standard LED Wheel Rings.

4228-001 White
4228-002 Blue
4228-003 Red


15" Diameter LED Wheel Rings:
Our 15" Diameter LED Wheel Rings are smaller than our standard Wheel Rings. Designed to fit 18" wheels or smaller.

4210-334 ColorSHIFT - No Controller

Product Features:
• Universal Vehicle Fitment
• LED Ring Diameter: 16.5”
• Vibrantly Lights Up Wheel Wells
• Mounts to Brake Dust Shield
• Fits Around Brake Rotor
• Can Withstand High Temperatures

• Operating Voltage: 12V DC
• Super Bright 2835 LEDs
• 1 Year Warranty

Product Includes:
• (4) LED Wheel Rings
• (20) Stainless Brackets
• (20) Installation Screws
• (4) Waterproof Cables
• (1) Easy Wiring Hub
• (1) LED Rocker Switch (Except ColorSHIFT)
• Installation Instructions & Video

Plus, ORACLE Lighting has you covered when it comes to all the tools you need to install your LED wheel rings. Sometimes you need a few extra feet of cable to power your wheel rings. Available directly from ORACLE are our six-foot extension cables for single-color and ColorSHIFT wheel rings. And our standard and XL wheel ring brackets are designed for the perfect mount. With ORACLE’s wheel ring installation accessories, you’ll be aglow in no time.

Wheel Ring Install Guide: Download Install Guide


Watch our tech answer frequently asked questions about our wheel rings below!

Additional FAQ: 
Brackets are not long enough CLICK HERE
Modify Brackets to attach to Caliper Bolts CLICK HERE
Re-Attaching the Mounting Brackets Correctly CLICK HERE

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