ColorSHIFT Controllers Training

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Oracle Lighting offers multiple options for controlling the ColorSHIFT LED products you choose, and each option varies in functionality, installation, and price. In this video, we’ll be reviewing the most popular options for RGB control so you can choose the one that fits your needs and budget.


The new BC1 ColorSHIFT controller is a robust and rugged Bluetooth option that is easy to install and a low price. Perfect for adding ORACLE ColorSHIFT products to your vehicle, simply connect power and ground then connect your smartphone through the free app to control. The controller features 4 outputs with waterproof connections for easy wiring to your ColorSHIFT lighting products.

This compact and rugged Bluetooth controller uses the free smartphone app, ORACLE ColorSHIFT. Through the app, you can select from dozens of color variations, illumination patterns, control brightness, adjust speed, and even control the lights with music. This is a great option for smartphone control with an easy install and a wide variety of pre-programmed functions at a budget-friendly price. The only downside to the BC1 is that it does require your phone’s Bluetooth, meaning you need to disconnect from other devices.

We highly suggest stocking this bestselling product as it can be paired with any ColorSHIFT products and can smoothly operate multiple products. Compared to other brands, the BC1 offers the same variety in function and durable design at a significantly lower price.


-Input Voltage: 12VDC
-Max Current Output: 10A
-Operation: Ground-Switched RGB
-Weatherproof Rating: IP67



Our ColorSHIFT 2.0 LED Controller has several advantages over the previous 1.0 version. This controller can be programmed by the operator for an almost endless number of colors and functions that the user can design and save on the unit's memory. Another major change to this new unit is that the box itself has a controller as well as a wireless infrared remote control. There is also a LED indicator on the unit that shows the operator what color the LEDs are set on at that time. Our new 2.0 controller also has twice the output and expandability as the previous version with 18A capacity which can power twice as many lights from this single box.

Product Specs:

-Over a Dozen Unique Pre-Programmed Color Patterns
-Precisely "Dial-in" the exact color LED the user desires.
-LED Preview Window Integrated into the Control Box
-8 Memory Preset Slots to Save your Favorite Colors
-Powerful 18A Output (6A x 3CH) @12VDC
-Works with all RGB LEDs
-Includes Wireless Remote
-Includes Infrared Repeater
-Pre-Programmed Features
-1 Year Warranty




A small sized wireless remote that packs a lot of power to control your 12V ORACLE LED ColorSHIFT Products. Designed to control RGB LED lighting accessories with a variety of functions; can also operate with Home-Link Technology.

Note* Controller can be mounted inside or outside of the vehicle’s cabin.

Single Color Modes:
A) Press A to change colors/ Hold A to change brightness.
B) Press B to cycle strobe patterns.
C) Press C to initiate breathing mode.
D) On/Off

7 Color-Changing Mode
A) Press A multiple times until you reach the 7 color-changing mode.
B) Press B to speed up the function.
C) Press C to slow down the function.
D) On/Off

Product Features: 
• Input: 12V DC 
• Output: 60W (30W/ Channel) 
• Remote Material: Stainless Steel 
• Box Material: Anodized Aluminum

Product Instructions: 
• Mount Box in a Cool /Dry Location. 
• Extend Antenna Wire for Best Reception
• Remove Fuse While Installing. 
• Output w/ Red Line is (+) 12V
• 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Package Includes:
- (1) ORACLE ColorSHIFT Wireless Controller Module
- (1) ORACLE ColorSHIFT Wireless Controller Wireless Key FOB



Please review our installation guides for our ColorSHIFT controllers. Other installation FAQs are listed below for reference.



The controller features outputs with waterproof connections for easy wiring to your ColorSHIFT lighting products; this controller was designed to easily install in the engine bay. Wiring already has ring terminals and fuse installed for quick and easy DIY installation. Simply connect the power and ground cables then easily control your lights on your smartphone through the free ORACLE ColorSHIFT app. Connect as many products as you like by combining wires. If you want a multi-zone setup, the app supports up to three controller devices that can be controlled separately or simultaneously. 

*Note: Controller can be mounted inside or outside of the vehicle’s cabin.

BC1 Tech Tips

Troubleshooting Guide

 Download the Oracle ColorSHIFT App today!





User Manual
Grounding Guide




It’s easy to install and very compact so it can be mounted in the engine bay or for applications with limited space like motorcycles or offroad vehicles. This is an RF remote with a range of approximately 100 feet, but keep in mind that the range will be decreased if there are dense objects such as a car battery between the remote and receiver. The antenna is flexible and can be easily adjusted for range.
Tech Tip: To increase the range of the remote keyfob, ground the white antenna wire. 

Grounding Guide
Wiring Diagram: 




Many customers will want to pair their controller with other products so it's important to know how to best use products together. This will result in an easier install and a better functioning setup! Here's some of our suggestions for pairings:


BC1 + ColorSHIFT products + ColorSHIFT Rock Light Kit: This is a popular combination for a good reason. Many people are looking for smartphone control for the auto lights. The rock lights come with their own Bluetooth controller that links to the same app as the BC1 Bluetooth controller. The great part about this app is you can have up to three devices controlled in one easy app. This is important because it will eliminate a clumsy multi-app setup for your customer.

Wireless ColorSHIFT Controller OR 2.0 Controller + multiple ColorSHIFT products: Multiple products can be combined with this controller and can be also synced together. For example, you could combine ColorSHIFT wheel rings and ColorSHIFT underbody kits together. That way they can be controlled together, and offer various modes in one  color, color-changing options, and on/off functions.



The ColorSHIFT Installation Kit has everything for an install. It is also used for any products needing longer wires or splice into multiple products. The kit includes:

• 25ft 22AWG 4 Conductor RGB Wire
• (1) In-Line Waterproof Fuse Holder
• (1) 7.5A Medium Blade Fuse
• (10) Waterproof Junction Connectors

The ColorSHIFT Extension Cables provide 6 ft of cable that is weather insulated with a waterproof connector. These are used to extend ColorSHIFT wheel rings and rock lights to the BC1 controller.



Displaying the single-color options you have in your showroom or store lobby is a great idea to let people know that you carry these options. One great idea is to set up a display such as our Pre-Assembled Headlight Display (part #8043) on a countertop with a nearby control option for easy demonstration or letting customers see how it works with them. You can also install your favorite controller with ColorSHIFT products on a shop vehicle.

When promoting on social media, choose high-quality photos and videos to show off the product you offer and tag @oraclelights so people know that you are an authorized dealer.

Where possible, promote your installation service by taking photos of your own work and update followers on build progress. If you choose to use a customer's photo or one you find on our profile, remember to credit the vehicle's owner. If you have a large build that displays your work well, you can consider hiring a local photographer to take professional photos (with the customer's permission) to use for promotional purposes.

Tag your shop location and use hashtags. Posting on your Instagram or Facebook Story will also help more people find your page, and be sure to have your contact information on your profile so they can easily contact you.

You can even display a tablet or television in your showroom with a slideshow of the photos you take and post. Many people like to see how the wheel rings will look when installed on their vehicle so use photos of your most regularly serviced vehicle. We've included a few examples for you here:

Example #1: Your shop caters to luxury vehicle owners so you choose this photo of a Corvette with ColorSHIFT DRLs.

Example #2: Your shop specializes in customized offroad vehicles so you post a lit-up Jeep.