GOBO Door Projector Training

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With ORACLE Lighting’s GOBO door projector lights (also known as puddle lights), you’ll never have to guess if you’re parked over a puddle ever again. Hooked directly up to your door’s wiring, our door lights project the chosen image onto the ground when you open your vehicle’s door for added style and safety. 

GOBO is an acronym that stands for “Go Between Optics.” GOBO lights have a small disk that is used to project an image or design. The disk, featuring a stencil or a template, “goes between” the light and another surface. This surface could be the ground with the installation of puddle lights on your vehicle’s doors or beneath your car. These lights illuminate the space below your car and even more interesting, GOBO lights tend to have certain features that are sure to turn heads. 

Our top-of-the-line GOBO lights create a crisp projected image outside your car and are powered by a high-power LED for a crisp image, small housing, and a bulb that puts out very little heat. ORACLE offers GOBO door lights with a variety of brand emblems, logos, and more. These high-powered LED lights will illuminate the ground with your personal pattern or special logo. Often referred to as “puddle lights,” these built-ins can brighten your path on any vehicle.


Retail Package Includes
(2) LED Door Projector Puddle Lights
(1) Install Tool

Product Features
• State-of-the-art GOBO technology that produces a crisp image
• High-power, low-heat LED light
• Variety of logos/emblems + custom options available
• Universal fitment and 1 year warranty (retail)



Custom GOBOs

As mentioned, we do offer customized GOBOs with special pricing for our authorized dealers. We are able to create lighting that will display a custom, uncopywritten image such as your shop's logo, a local symbol (like the New Orleans fleur de lis), or a truly customized design. 

We have eliminated any design or set-up fees, and the order minimum is now only 5x of the GOBO design. ETA is usually 4-6 weeks, and your sales rep can explain the different sale and warranty terms. Please contact us today to get ready for custom GOBOs!


Large GOBOs for Business

A new offering is our large GOBO that can be used to project a logo or design for your business location. This can be used inside the business to project onto the wall, floor, or ceiling. It can also be installed to the underside of signage to illuminate the ground near the entrance. This is a great way to draw attention and tie in your brand coloring. You can manually adjust the focus as well as swap out the logo inside for variety. Contact your sales rep for more information on this!


Please review our installation guide for LED GOBOs below.

Installation Guide 

Written instructions: For installation, you can remove the panel of your car door with a screwdriver that loosens the door handle and control panel (depending on your vehicle). Once the panel is unscrewed, remove it from your vehicle and expose the inside. You might need to use pliers for this part, but the paneling should slide right off. We include a hole saw installation tool so that you can correctly drill out the size needed for the light. After you have the correct hole size, simply connect the red and black to wire your lights with power. Next, replace your car door paneling, tightening the screws used to connect everything together and your new GOBO lights are ready for use.


Where to Install: While it is most common to install the GOBO in the pocket space of the vehicle's doors, you can also install them in the trunk, under the hood, and anywhere else you can imagine.




You should complete the requirements to be listed as an Installer or Preferred Installer on our retail-facing store locator. This is a great way to get in front of local customers as our team forwards them to this search tool to find authorized shops in their area. With more than 1,500 monthly visits to this tool, you should take advantage of this placement. Once you finish the program to be a Preferred Dealer, you will be designated as a Preferred Installer as well.

To be listed online as an Installer/Preferred Installer, you must these simple steps:
• Complete one installation at your shop.
• Send a photo of this installation to your sales rep and list the product(s) used.
• To be Preferred, you must complete the regular requirements for a Preferred Dealer (3x quarterly trainings, meeting J-15+ goals directly, and maintaining a retail location).

In your showroom or store lobby, one great idea is to set up a display such as our ORACLE Authorized Dealer Display (part #8051) to notify your customers that you offer LED products from the best aftermarket lighting company on the market. You could also create an GOBO display with a nearby control option for easy demonstration or letting customers see how it works. Keeping a display on a countertop nearby for easy demonstration will help your customers feel comfortable selecting that product. It will encourage customers to ask questions about your product offerings and install process when they are able to see quality workmanship up close.

If you have an applicable promotional vehicle, consider installing a LED GOBO on the vehicle with your show logo or the ORACLE icon to showcase the installed result when consulting with customers. Being able to see what the product will look like in person will help customers feel more confident with their choice. If the vehicle has multiple products, you can easily demonstrate how to control them together.


It takes a customer's trust to choose a shop to perform labor on their vehicle, and many people turn to social media to see your handiwork and other people's experience.

When promoting on social media, choose high-quality photos and videos to show off the product you offer and tag @oraclelights so people know that you are an authorized dealer. Where possible, promote your installation service by taking photos of your own work and update followers on build progress. If you choose to use a customer's photo or one you find on our profile, remember to credit the vehicle's owner. If you have a large build that displays your work well, you can consider hiring a local photographer to take professional photos (with the customer's permission) to use for promotional purposes. Tag your shop location and use hashtags such as #customautolighting #oraclelights.

Posting on your Instagram or Facebook Story will also help more people find your page; Instagram especially promotes Stories over regular postings! Use a location tag for your shop, and that will show your Story the Explore page of customers near you. Be sure to have your contact information on your profile so they can easily contact you or invite them to message you on the platform if it is regularly monitored.

You can even display a tablet or television in your showroom with a slideshow of the photos you take and post. Many people like to see how the products will look when installed on their vehicle so use photos of the services you actually offer on your most regularly service vehicle. We've included an example for you here:


Example: Your business services is creating a custom shop vehicle so you add the ORACLE Lighting logo in a GOBO format and want to show this off to customers as a new service you offer.