LED Bulb Conversion Kit Training

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Oracle Lighting offers three lines of LED conversion bulbs for headlights and fog lights. As a market leader with over 20 years of expertise, we rate our bulbs using the average lumen output based on the best performance scenario, while other manufacturers rate theirs on max lumen output that’s just theoretical. All of our bulbs are plug-and-play with crystal-clear 6000K light output and a limited time warranty.



S3 Bulbs (Most Budget Friendly)
Let’s start by looking at our S3 bulbs. These pack a punch with an average 3200 Lumens of Crystal Clear 6000K light output. The electronic components of the S3 are housed in a sealed waterproof heat-sink design, eliminating the need for external drivers and cooling fans. These use a CSP LED chip design for high-intensity volume per unit with less heat value resulting in industry-leading Luminous Efficacy. This new low-profile design reduces common bulb fitment issues for an easy Plug & Play DIY installation. Starting at $69.95 and output 1.65x brighter than stock, you’ll get a great bang-for-your-buck on a great quality bulb.

Product Specs:
• Operating Voltage: 12V/24V
• Color temperature: 6000K
• Material: 6160 aluminum
• PCB: Double Layer Copper
• Current Demand: <1 Amp
• Warranty: 1 Year Limited
• LED Chip Type: CSP
• Brightness: 3200 Lumens
• Power Draw: 12W / Bulb
• luminous Efficacy: 130lm/W*
• Industry-Leading Efficacy Ratio

(S3 Series Overview Video)


V-Series (Best Overall Performance)
Our V-Series bulbs offer even more advanced technology with an average 3600 Lumens in a color temperature of 6000K. Featuring fcCSP Flip-Chip Scale LED packaging, you’ll get enhanced electrical performance over standard wirebond technology. The class-leading 6-32V voltage protection will allow these bulbs to be used in Daytime Running Light Applications without common flicker issues. This also makes it perfect for vehicle owners in Canada so you can ensure a compliant DRL function.The V-Series bulbs feature our SmartDrive™ Active Thermal Regulation (ATR) temperature management with an integrated constant current linear LED driver inside the bulb to protect the LEDs and the bulb components. All of this results in an ultra-luminous and efficient light output that’s 2.65x brighter than stock with superior durability and reliability starting at $119.95.

• ONLY DOT Compliant “Street Legal” LED Headlight Conversion Available.
• FIRST 6-Volt Daytime Running Light Compatible LED Bulb Available.
• LED Bulb features Precision Filament Geometry for no-Glare Illumination.
• No Fan, Head-Sink, or other obstructing/ cumbersome cooling system.
• Physically matches original bulb for OEM fitment and easy DIY installation.

Bulb Specifications:
• Color Temp: 6000K
• Input Voltage: 6-32V DC
• DRL Compatible: YES
• Power Draw: 17W/ Bulb
• Lumens: 3,600LM/ Set
• Efficacy: >100lm/W* (Industry-Leading Efficacy Ratio)


4000+ Lumen (Brightest Output)
Our premium bulb line, the 4000+ Lumen series, are high-output LED Headlight bulbs that create an average of 4,000 Lm blanket of light for the driver to increase safety and nighttime visibility. Philips Luxeon ZES chips allow for the increased output while still drawing less than half the power of the factory headlight bulb. These smaller chips also have excellent heat dissipation characteristics, making them extremely reliable even in harsh environments. The new adjustable heat sink makes fitment issues a thing of the past since it is removable to reverse install or to mount outside the headlight back-cap for added adaptability. Also comparable to the once-popular HID bulbs, these feature the latest LED technology that provides output that are 3.18x brighter than stock.

Product Features:
• Minimum Output: 4000+ Lumens
• Maximum Output: 6000 Lumens
• Compliant 6000k Color
• Easy DIY Installation
• No Flickering/Flashing
• Non-Glare-Engineering
• Extended Durability
• Efficient Lighting
• Can-Bus Compatible
• Self Regulated Cooling
• Less Points of Failure
• Instant Start-up Light
• No Relay Harness Needed
• No High-Draw Ignition
• Less Amp/Power Draw
• One Bulb High/Low Beam
• 2 Year Warranty

(4000+ Lumen Series Overview Video)


Please review our installation resources for LED headlight/fog light bulbs. 

S3 Series Install Guide 

Brand Comparisons

We know that there are many LED bulb options available on the market, which can make it tricky to know which is the best to offer your customers. 

As a market leader that specializes in LED bulbs, Oracle Lighting's lines of bulbs fit any budget with superior quality that outshines the competition. Each bulb line is expertly engineered for proper fitment, durability, and brightness with a plug-and-play installation and a limited-time warranty.

In these videos, we compare ORACLE Lighting LED bulbs with LED bulbs purchased from Heise LED Lighting Systems and Beamtech on Amazon. We cover the product specs, online resources, wall test, performance, and construction on each bulb. Breaking it down, it's easy to see why Oracle Lighting has a better product. Please review these videos for helpful information to inform your next order and to assist customers with their choice.



Understanding how to optimize your pairings will result in an easier install and a better functioning setup! Here's some of our tips and suggestions.

Our bulb line will work in both headlights (low beam and high beam) and fog lights so choose the corresponding bulbs for the vehicle, and be sure to read the product page to ensure there are not any notes regarding fitment.

We have created listings for the most popular vehicles bulb needs on our site, but we recommend verifying the bulb you need prior to ordering or installing. To find the bulbs you need for each vehicle, check the vehicle's owner manual or the outside of the light you want to convert. You can also visit online bulb look-up tools that will ask for the year, make, and model of the vehicle to show you the sizes to choose.

In addition to these lines of headlight and fog light conversion bulb kits, we also suggest adding upgraded bulbs for the vehicle's turn signal, parking light, tail lights, or interior lights for an all-around matching effect. Ask your sales rep about our most popular bulbs you should pick up!



Displaying your choice of bulbs in your showroom or store lobby is a great idea to let people know that you carry this option. We offer a P.O.P. display that will catch attention and help direct your customers to your bulb offerings. This floor-standing display (part #8010) is FREE with purchase of 18x S-Series or V-Series bulbs. Standing over 50" tall, this attractive display contains 36 individual slots to place ORACLE LED bulbs in a variety of different bulb sizes, colors, and configurations. Another option is our LED vs Halogen 5.75" Sealed Beam display (#8078) that shows a standard halogen bulb vs our popular LED bulb. Every time your customers hit the “big red button,” they will be enamored by the bright output of the LED bulb. Displaying the LED option for your customers allows them to make an easy decision for a simple bulb upgrade.

S3 Series Dealer Sheet with POP 

V-Series Dealer Sheet with POP 

When promoting on social media, choose high-quality photos and videos to show off the product you offer and tag @oraclelights so people know that you are an authorized dealer.

Potential customers would love to see a before/after photo or a short video of a technician installing brand new bulbs in a vehicle. Where possible, promote your installation service by taking photos of your own work and update followers on build progress. If you choose to use a customer's photo or one you find on our profile, remember to credit the vehicle's owner. If you have a large build that displays your work well, you can consider hiring a local photographer to take professional photos (with the customer's permission) to use for promotional purposes.

Tag your shop location and use hashtags such as #ledbulbs #ledautolights #oraclelights. Posting on your Instagram or Facebook Story will also help more people find your page, and be sure to have your contact information on your profile so they can easily contact you.

You can even display a tablet or television in your showroom with a slideshow of the photos you take and post. Many people like to see how these products will look when installed on their vehicle so use photos of your most regularly service vehicle.

Example: You choose a photo of a Jeep that shows LED-converted headlights and fog lights for a fully-upgraded front end.