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These innovative products from ORACLE Lighting feature a set of high powered LED light bars integrated into the factory-style side mirrors of Jeep Wrangler JK or the mirror caps of 2009-2014/2015-2020 Ford F-150 and Raptor models. This integration allows for easy installation and a clean, almost-OEM look while providing functional peripheral illumination for the driver. The LEDs are custom design that features a total of 24 LEDs producing approximately 2250 Lm. Each unit has a 45° beam angle to optimize the driver's peripheral visibility.

Available Fitment: 
• Jeep Wrangler JK
• 2009-2014 Ford F-150/Raptor
• 2015-2020 Ford F-150/Raptor


The mirrors can be customized through your sales representative with professionally color-matched paint to any factory color code for convenience. These mirrors can also be wrapped to match a vehicle's theme or color-scheme. This would be completed through a custom up-fitter.


Why is peripheral illumination important? Factory headlights and most auxiliary lights only illuminate the area in front of the vehicle. Ideally for off-road activities such as trail riding, the driver needs to be able to clearly see the area on the sides of the trail to spot obstructions, which would otherwise go unnoticed and could be a potential hazard. 

Besides being functional these new LED Mirrors from ORACLE Lighting look great as well! The LED light bar is a custom design that features a total of 24 powerful Cree LEDs. This gives the driver a increased visibility and peripheral illumination. Each unit has a 45° beam angle to optimize the driver's peripheral visibility weather riding on the trail or in the desert. Multiple aluminum heat sinks are used to effectively wick heat away from the LEDs and are designed to use the airflow through the mirror housing to increase cooling similar to a radiator. 

The housing material is made from rugged Polycarbonate which is 2x stronger than the factory ABS housing- and bolts onto the vehicle using the factory mounts for easy installation. A set of anodized rock guards protects the LED acrylic lenses, which also houses the DBM Reflex LED optics. These efficient optics focus the light for optimal visibility from the driver seat position.

The Side-mirror is the only part of the vehicle designed to be in the driver field of vision wheel driving- this makes it an ideal location to mount effective and functional lighting to enhance driver visibility during night-time trail rides. The driver needs to be able to clearly see the area on both of the sides of the trail to spot obstructions, which could go unnoticed and be a potential hazard.

Our goal developing this product was to create a LED light bar that could be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle design in a way the appears to be factory. Light bars tacked to bumpers and roof racks have poor integration and appear to be an afterthought. These mirrors provide a functional purpose and look good doing it- the best of both worlds!

Product Features: 
• 24x 1W Cree LEDs 
• 2200lm total output 
• 45 Degree LED Beam Angle 
• Advanced LED optics 
• Uses Factory Mounts 
• 2 Year Warranty 
• 6000K Color temp 
• 2 Amp Power Draw 
• Patented Design

Package Includes:
• 1 x Driver Side ORACLE LED Off-Road Side Mirror/Mirror Cap
• 1 x Passenger Side ORACLE LED Off-Road Side Mirror/Mirror Cap





Please review our installation resources below. 

2009-2014 Ford F150/Raptor LED Offoad Side Mirror - Install Guide





The suggestion is to wire the mirrors to a switch to easily operate them when needed during offroading adventures. This can an auxiliary switch already installed on the vehicle, an additional switch added, or a custom switch panel. Like any offroad lights like lightbars, the switch is the best option to easily turn off the mirrors for legal on-road driving.


Here's a suggestion for products to pair with our sidemarkers.

Offroad Mirrors + Light Bars: Our mirrors and light bar/bracket combinations are a great pair because together, they offer 180° degree illumination when offroading. This helps the driver spot obstructions in the front and sides of the vehicle and offers a cohesive look with similar optics and color hue.


Offroad Mirrors + White Rock Lights: Our white-only rock lights pair well with the offroad side mirrors to provide additional illumination to the two of the most neglected areas of the vehicle: the periphery and the undercarriage. This combo offers more safety light to these areas to avoid accidents with obstacles while driving and issues when entering or exiting the vehicle on uneven terrain.


If you have a showroom or store lobby, you should consider having this product available or on display for customers to experience before committing. Mounting a set of mirrors on a display or peg board with an easy to use switch is a great way to show these off to potential customers. Keeping a display on a countertop nearby for easy demonstration will help your customers feel comfortable selecting that product.

If you have a promotional vehicle that has a corresponding LED mirror kit, consider installing a set on the vehicle to showcase the installed result when consulting with customers. Being able to see what the product will look like in person will help customers feel more confident with their choice.


When promoting on social media, choose high-quality photos and videos to show off the product you offer and tag @oraclelights so people know that you are an authorized dealer.

Where possible, promote your installation service by taking photos of your own work and update followers on build progress. If you choose to use a customer's photo or one you find on our profile, remember to credit the vehicle's owner. If you have a large build that displays your work well, you can consider hiring a local photographer to take professional photos (with the customer's permission) to use for promotional purposes.Tag your shop location and use relevant hashtags such as #offroad #oraclelights #mudding.

Posting on your Instagram or Facebook Story will also help more people find your page; Instagram especially promotes Stories over regular postings! Use a location tag for your shop, and that will show your Story the Explore page of customers near you. Be sure to have your contact information on your profile so they can easily contact you or invite them to message you on the platform if it is regularly monitored.

You can even display a tablet or television in your showroom with a slideshow of the photos you take and post. Many people like to see how the product will look when installed on their vehicle so use photos of your most regularly serviced vehicle. We've included an example for you here:


Example #1: Your shop often services offroad-ready modded vehicles so you choose a shot of a F150 with the LED offroad mirrors prominently featured.