Dealer Displays

Exclusive Product Displays
for ORACLE Lighting Authorized Dealers

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ORACLE Authorized Dealer Display, part #8051 ($50.96 or FREE with first purchase of $500+)

The ORACLE Authorized Dealer Display (#8051) is a thoughtfully designed graphic display to be used to show off any Oracle Lighting products to potential customers. This is also a great way to notify your customers that you offer LED products from the best aftermarket lighting company on the market.

ORACLE High Powered 7" LED Sealed Beam Display, part #8072 ($126.65+ or FREE with purchase of two 4-piece master packs)

The High Powered 7" LED Sealed Beam display can be used for over-the-counter sale displays. These are available in White, Blue, Red, Green, Amber, and ColorSHIFT SMD. This display shows your customer the most popular 7’’ round LED headlight available with or without a halo. Each display includes a 1A Power Supply.

ORACLE Bluetooth/RF Underbody Rock Light Display, part #8073 ($205.69 or FREE with purchase of six 8-piece & eight 4-piece master pack)

Our "Dual-Control" Rock Light Kit display features Bluetooth control with a smartphone plus an easy-to-use Wireless Remote. This display is an example of underbody lighting for any truck or Jeep in ColorShift. Our display features 4 Underbody ColorSHIFT Rock Lights, a Bluetooth Control Module, Wireless RF Remote, and 1 Amp Power Supply.

ORACLE Vector Grill Display Kit, part #8074 ($357.99, $185 with purchase of 3 grills, or FREE (+ free freight) with purchase of 6 grills)

Our Vector Grill display shows your customers exactly what they're getting when they step into your show room. Using standard slat wall mounting boards, just hang your grill, connect the included power supply, and you'll have a functional Vector Grill ready to pull in customers.

ORACLE LED vs Halogen 5.75" Sealed Beam display, part #8078 ($188.15+ or FREE with purchase of 36x S Series or 16x 4000 lumen bulbs)

Our LED vs Halogen 5.75" Sealed Beam display shows a standard halogen bulb vs our popular LED bulb. Every time your customers hit the “big red button,” they will be enamored by the bright output of the LED bulb. Displaying the LED option for your customers allows them to make an easy decision for a simple bulb upgrade.

ORACLE LED Bulb Floor-Standing Display, part #8010 (FREE with purchase of 18x S Series, V Series, or 4000 lumen bulbs)

Our LED Bulb Floor-Standing display is the perfect way to display ORACLE LED replacement bulbs in your store's showroom! Standing over 50" tall, this attractive display contains 36 individual slots to place ORACLE LED bulbs in a variety of different bulb sizes, colors, and configurations.

ORACLE Pre-Assembled Headlight Display, part #8043 ($382.50 or FREE with purchase of $5000+ stocking order)

Our Pre-Assembled Headlight display is built by our specialized technicians featuring ORACLE halos. You can customize each headlight with any color and any type of halo we offer. Add a dual-channel multifunction controller to have lighting effects added to your halo display.

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