Sponsorship FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Oracle Lighting!

Currently we are not accepting any sponsorship applications but we do have a 20% sponsorship discount promotion that you can participate in!

We will refund you 20% of your order if you simply post photos on social media of your ORACLE Lighting products installed and tag us @ORACLELIGHTS on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Youtube.

To take advantage of this deal,  you must order your products online from OracleLights.com or call us at 1-800-407-5776. During checkout, enter “Sponsorship2018” in the promotion code or tell your sales member so that we have a record of the sponsorship offer.

Once you have installed the parts and posted your photos, please be sure to send us another message with your order # so that we can credit you. Please note that only installed products in the tagged photos are eligible for the credit.


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