2014-2015 Chevrolet Camaro ORACLE Illuminated LED Rear Bowtie Emblem

  • $166.75

Important NOTES:

•This item is built-to-order.

•There is a processing time of 5-7 business days to have your item built and shipped. 

•If you wish to have your emblem professionally painted, an additional 3-4 week processing time is required. 

•This is a built to order item, order cannot be cancelled/refunded.

•The ColorSHIFT option must be used in conjunction with one of our ColorSHIFT Controllers. (Sold Separately)

•Dual Intensity Option will allow your emblem to operate as a running light and an additional brake light.

•Dual Intensity Option will not operate with the ColorSHIFT Bowtie option.

Package Includes the following all assembled and ready to install!
- OEM Chevy Badge

- Clear Acrylic Insert

Single Intensity 3057-001 White
Single Intensity 3057-002 Blue
Single Intensity 3057-003 Red
Single Intensity 3057-004 Green
Single Intensity 3057-005 Amber
Single Intensity 3057-007 UV/Purple
Single Intensity 3057-009 Pink
Single Intensity 3057-010 Aqua
Single Intensity 3057-333 ColorSHIFT


Dual Intensity 3157-001 White
Dual Intensity 3157-002 Blue
Dual Intensity 3157-003 Red
Dual Intensity 3157-004 Green
Dual Intensity 3157-005 Amber
Dual Intensity 3157-007 UV/Purple
Dual Intensity 3157-009 Pink
Dual Intensity 3157-010 Aqua

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove Old Badge (detailed in included instructions)
  2. Route Wires Through Factory Hole in the Trunk lid (2011 model does not have the factory hole pre-drilled)
  3. Remove Self-Adhesive backing and stick to Trunk lid
  4. Connect Wires to Parking Lights as per Instructions
Download Install Guide


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