ORACLE Lighting 2015-2023 Dodge Charger ColorSHIFT® RGB+W Linear Fog Light Conversion Kit

  • $209.95

 ORACLE Part # 1344-339

Introducing the ORACLE ColorSHIFT RGB+W Linear Fog Light for the 2015-2023 Dodge Charger.

Featuring our new RGB+W chip, this new kit allows you to utilize the existing fog light feature on your 2015-2023 Dodge Charger and convert easily it to a Color-Changing fog light.

These replacement boards feature our traditional RGB ColorSHIFT technology along with an extra "White LED" which allows for truer white tones, a crisp white fog light color option and the ability to instantly switch over for 100% legal road driving.

This product is intended to be used in conjunction with the ORACLE ColorSHIFT RGB+W DRL Replacement Headlight Kit for the 2015-2023 Dodge Charger.

Give your Charger the attitude you've always wanted it to have, with the new ORACLE ColorSHIFT RGB+W Linear Fog Light Kit!

Kit Includes the following:
• (2) 2015-2023 Dodge Charger ColorSHIFT RGB+W Fog Light Boards
• (1) Data Splitting Hub with Constant Current LED Driver

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