2015-2018 GMC Yukon ORACLE LED ColorSHIFT Halo Kit

  • $239.95


This new ORACLE Halo Kit is C.A.D designed to specifically install onto the stock diffuser of the 2015-2018 GMC Yukon Headlight. 

This kit includes the ORACLE ColorSHIFT controller and does not affect the function of the Headlight factory DRL or Turn Signal.

Kit includes the following:
• 2 x 2015-2018 GMC Yukon ORACLE ColorSHIFT LED Halo Rings
• 1 x ORACLE ColorSHIFT Controller
• 1 x ORACLE ColorSHIFT Wireless Remote
• Everything you need to add ORACLE ColorSHIFT Halos to your Headlights!

2272-334 ColorSHIFT - No Controller
2272-504 ColorSHIFT - Simple
2272-330 ColorSHIFT
2272-333 ColorSHIFT 2.0
2272-335 ColorSHIFT - BC1


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