2015-2021 Nissan GT-R ORACLE ColorSHIFT “Lightning Bolt” RGB+W Headlight DRL Upgrade

  • $199.95

Give your ride an attitude adjustment and stand out from the crowd with the Nissan GT-R ColorSHIFT RGB+W Headlight DRL Upgrades for the 2015-2021 models from ORACLE Lighting!

Featuring our new high-performance RGB+W chips, this new kit allows you to utilize the existing DRL feature on your Nissan GT-R LED headlights and easily convert it to color-changing DRLs while maintaining a true white DRL. 

These replacement boards feature our traditional RGB ColorSHIFT technology along with an extra "white LED" which allows for truer white tones, a crisp white DRL color option, and the ability to instantly switch over for 100% legal road driving. These DRL boards can make hundreds of different colors and dozens of patterns, giving you control of the brightness and even the speed of the functions as well!

This technology on the eye-catching "lightning bolt"-style headlight makes for a head-turning front-end on your Nissan GT-R, perfect for standing out in a crowd.

Kit includes the following:
ColorSHIFT RGB+W DRL PCBs for Driver and Passenger Side Headlights
Constant Current LED Driver Hubs with DRL Trigger Wires
Heavy-Duty IP67 Wiring Adapters

1283-334 ColorSHIFT - No Controller
1283-504 ColorSHIFT - Simple
1283-330 ColorSHIFT
1283-333 ColorSHIFT - 2.0
1283-335 ColorSHIFT - BC1


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