ORACLE 3157 Switchback + Load Equalizer Kit

  • $49.95


ORACLE Part # 4830-005

This kit includes a pair of 3157 Switch-Back LED Bulbs and a pair of Load Equalizers.

30pcs White and 30pcs Amber per bulb= 120 total LEDs in this kit!

Easy to install, just remove the standard glass bulb and plug in this new bulb then connect the load equalizers to prevent "rapid-flash".
Load Equalizer Install Diagram

When in running light mode this bulb is white, switch on the turn signal to see the flashlight amber light.

Package Contents:
- (x2) 3157 Amber/White Switchback Bulbs
- (x2) LED Load Equalizers w/ Connectors
- (x4) Connectors for the Load Equalizers

Download Install Guide

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