ORACLE Lighting Jeep Wrangler Sport JL Front Turn Signal/ DRL Switchback 7443CK Bulb (Pair)

  • $73.00

ORACLE Part# 5111-023 

These error-free LED bulbs are designed to work WITHOUT the use is load equalizers by communicating with your vehicle's CAN Bus computer system and prevent "bulb out" error messages. High-output dual color “Switchback” features easy plug-and-play installation.

• Dual-Color Amber and White LED
• High-Output design much brighter than OEM
• High Performance Aluminum Construction
• Ultra Efficient 2-Piece Heat Sink Design
• 2 Year Replacement Warranty

Q: What is a 7443"CK" connection?

A: 7443-CK is like the traditional 7443 bulb except the ground terminals are located on the same side of the connector. If the ground terminals are located on the opposite side of the connector, then it more then likely is a standard connector.

Q: How to know if you have a standard or CK bulb?

A: Many late-model Toyota cars and Trucks (Toyota Tundra for example) as well as Jeep Wrangler JL Front Turn Signals are a CK type. Examine the original bulb, most CK bulbs will say “SRCK" on the base.

Q: What will happen if a standard LED bulb is used for a CK socket?

A: Only one level of brightness will illuminate depending on the direction the bulb is plugged in. The bulb also may cause a short-circuit when installed.

Q: I have a Sport model and I encounter a signal out error message. How can this be fixed?

A: This can be resolved by changing the Front Turn Signals to LED at your local dealership.

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