ORACLE Lighting Flush Style LED Tail Lights for 2016-2023 Gen 3 Toyota Tacoma

  • $449.95

ORACLE Part#'s
5911-504 : Standard Lens
5911-504-T : Tinted Lens

Protruding out significantly less than the factory tail lights, this low-profile design has a more streamlined appearance while also reducing risk of tail light damage. These flush tail lights feature a unique modular design and functional LED lighting elements including high-powered reverse lights, unique signature perimeter lighting, and an animated turn signal sequence.

No more problems backing up at night and no longer do you need to install additional reversing lamps onto the back of your truck to get the brightness you desire. Thats because these LED reverse lights are basically a pair of LED light bars mounted into the tail light which will provide over 4,400 Lumens of rear-facing illumination!

In addition of the attractive “signature style” LED lighting band and the high-output reverse light this design also features a “dynamic” turn signal effect. This “motion” or “sequential effect” is a fluid LED motion from the inside portion of the light to the outside portion of the light signifying the direction of the turn signal with a fluid animated LED sequence.

The adapters provide a true plug-and-play option without any other wiring being needed for installation. 

The new modular design allows the light to be quickly disassembled for custom painting. The Reverse Light module and Stop/Tail/Turn module can be easily removed from the black housing which can then be painted to match the body color of the vehicle to provide a more customized appearance which more seamlessly blends with the truck.

These innovative LED tail lights were designed and engineered by ORACLE Lighting right here in the USA. This Patent-Pending tail light design provides many unique features and characteristics, providing an aesthetically pleasing product with a forward-thinking design language.

Product Features:
- Modern Sleek Design and Styling
- Flush mounted to avoid damage to light
- High-powered LED reverse lights
- Signature perimeter lighting
- Sequential Turn Signals
- Easy “Plug-&-Play” installation
- 1 Year Warranty

In the Box:
-(1) Pair of 2016-2023 Gen 3 Toyota Tacoma Flush Mount Tail Lights
-(1) Instruction Guide

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