ORACLE Lighting GOBO T-REX Logo Puddle Lights

  • $104.95


With ORACLE’s GOBO T-REX Logo Puddle Lights, you’ll never have to guess if you’re parked over a puddle ever again. Hooked directly up to your door’s wiring, our door lights project the T-REX logo onto the ground when you open your vehicle’s door for added style and safety.

GOBO is short for “go-between optics,” which refers to how the light fixture is customized with a stencil. Our top-of-the-line GOBO lights create a crisp projected image outside your car and are powered by a high-power LED for a crisp image, small housing, and a bulb that puts out very little heat. ORACLE offers GOBO door lights with a variety of brand emblems, logos, and more.

T-REX logo puddle lights are an easy way to announce yourself and your car at the show or on the streets. Our three-step installation guide will get you ready to go in no time.


Package Includes:
- (2) LED Projectors, T-REX Logo Puddle Lights
- (1) Install Tool

Product Features:
- State-of-the-art GOBO technology that produces a crisp image
- High-power, low-heat LED light

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