ORACLE Lighting Universal Pre-Runner Style LED Grill Light Kit

  • $45.00

Give your Truck a new, stylish LED accent with our Universal Pre-Runner Style LED Grill Light Kit. Add 3x LED marker lights to the front grill of your without any cutting or drilling; these simply install into the holes of the grill. The wiring harness reduces installation time by using a plug-and-play system with offset cable lengths to make cable management easier.

Give the front end a brighter illumination for safety and style in one. These super-bright 3-watt LEDs make your Wrangler stand out and can be connected to your parking lights, Daytime Running Lights, or to an auxiliary switch. 

Multiple colors are available. (Only Amber and White can be used On-Road.)

Kit includes the following:

- (3x) 3W LED Billet Bolt Lights
- Wiring Connectors, Cables, and Hardware
- Installation Instructions  

5870-005 Amber
5870-001 White
5870-002 Blue
5870-003 Red
5870-004 Green

Download Install Sheet


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