LED Strip Training

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 Some of the most popular and versatile product offerings are our flexible SMD strip lighting products. Our strip is IP67 waterproof for durable interior or exterior use, and it uses 3M adhesive for a firm hold for any project. Don’t worry about  anything damaging the strip either; the LED strips are sealed with high-grade silicone rather than epoxy to avoid yellowing or fading. The USA-made Bridgelux chips offer maximum quality, brightness, and longevity.

Our strip can be used for vehicles to illuminate footwells, engine bays, trunks, or grills; for boats to highlight marine signage; or for home and business to accent cabinetry, countertops, or recessed areas. Available in single-color and ColorSHIFT, you’ll love the ultra-bright luminosity and vibrant color output so let’s look at some of the most popular pre-sized kits and applications. 


The 2-pack of 15” strips are the perfect size for footwells or custom interior lighting applications. This is great for pairing with exterior products as it allows you to link the products together and see which color is displayed externally if you chose ColorSHIFT. You can also use these as a dome light accessory to improve visibility when getting in and out of your vehicle.

Another pre-measured kit is the 36” strip. Most often, these are used for vehicle’s behind-the-grill lighting or to illuminate the trunk. Both of these applications are popular ways to bring the light inside the car. This is also a popular size for flat screen televisions so this kit makes it easy to give a high-end look to any entertainment system.

This next kit is pre-cut for a simple engine bay lighting setup. This comes with two 3ft strips and two 4ft inch strips which fits most vehicles; we do offer a 5ft option for oversized engine bays in certain trucks, SUVs, or Jeeps. This is perfect for any car show fanatic who wants to show off at night shows and go home with a trophy! This modification is a crowd-favorite since it will highlight custom mods under the hood.

Our Underbody Kit is specially designed with two 4ft strips and two 6ft strips to fit most vehicles. These strips install under the car to give your car the appearance of floating and will make you stand out from the crowd. The perfect night time feature, this kit give the vehicle a continuous ambient light illuminating the ground. This kit is available in ColorSHIFT RGB or our new Dynamic ColorSHIFT that offers moving color patterns with the included Dynamic controller.

Lastly, we offer custom lengths of strip if these sizes don’t work for you. Sold by the foot, each section of strip will be cut to length, soldered, and heat-shrunk by our own in-house professional technicians. This is a great option for custom projects for marine use, large-scale building projects, party buses, theatre lighting, and more!




Many customers will want to pair their LED strip with other products so it's important to know how to best use products together. This will result in an easier install and a better functioning setup! Here's some of our suggestions for pairings:

ColorSHIFT Strip Products + BC1 for other ColorSHIFT products: This is a popular combination for a good reason as many people are looking for smartphone control for their automotive lights. The rugged waterproof durability and one easy app is a great sell to your customers.

Of course, you can use whichever ColorSHIFT or single-color control option you desire. Check out our training modules below to learn about the available options.

ColorSHIFT Control Training | Single-Color Control Training


ColorSHIFT Footwell Kit + External ColorSHIFT Products: Hooking up interior lighting to the same controller as the external lighting will allow the user to see the displayed color while operating the lights from inside the vehicle. This is an inexpensive but useful option for people who regularly attend car shows or races.


To help with your installation, our Adhesion Promoter Applicator Pads are a new convenient applicator system for tape adhesion promoter. This liquid primer is used to bond tape to common automotive surfaces, including Acrylic, ABS, PC, and Glass. Designed to be used with a wide variety of VHB foam tapes.

• Increases bonding effectiveness of double stick tapes.
• Convenient packet applicator is easy to use.
• Dries in approximately 30 seconds.
• One packet covers approximately 1 Sq/Ft.


If you have a showroom or store lobby, you should definitely display this product for customers to experience before committing. 

The pre-measured kits are items that you should definitely be stocking! Some also feature retail-ready packaging that is eye-catching and can hang on a peg wall in your showroom. Use these kits as an add-on to any installation since the low price and simple install is a huge upsell for customers.

If you have a shop or promotional vehicle, consider installing a strip product on the vehicle to showcase the installed result when consulting with customers. Being able to see what the product will look like in person will help customers feel more confident with their choice. If the vehicle also has other products like halos or wheel rings, you can easily demonstrate how to control them together. 

Another great way to grab customers’ attention is to use strip lighting in the showroom itself. Contact your sales rep to select a custom length for under-illuminated countertops, lined crown molding, and wall display lighting!


When promoting on social media, choose high-quality photos and videos to show off the product you offer and tag @oraclelights so people know that you are an authorized dealer.

Where possible, promote your installation service by taking photos of your own work and update followers on build progress. If you choose to use a customer's photo or one you find on our profile, remember to credit the vehicle's owner. If you have a large build that displays your work well, you can consider hiring a local photographer to take professional photos (with the customer's permission) to use for promotional purposes.

Tag your shop location and use hashtags such as #underglow #ledglow #oraclelights. Posting on your Instagram or Facebook Story will also help more people find your page, and be sure to have your contact information on your profile so they can easily contact you.

You can even display a tablet or television in your showroom with a slideshow of the photos you take and post. Many people like to see how the strip products will look when installed on their vehicle so use photos of your most regularly service vehicle. We've included a few examples for you here:


Example #1: You work on sports cars and exotics so you choose a popular Corvette to showcase the footwell lighting kit.


Example #2: Your shop specializes in MOPAR vehicle modifications so you post a color-coordinated Charger with our underbody kit.